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  • Hörnmark, Olivia
    et al.
    The Swedish Red Cross University College.
    Mellgren, Olivia
    The Swedish Red Cross University College.
    Upplevelser av att handha fall av misstänkt fysisk barnmisshandel: En litteraturstudie ur ett sjuksköterskeperspektiv2017Independent thesis Basic level (degree of Bachelor), 10 credits / 15 HE creditsStudent thesis
    Abstract [en]

    Background: The nurse has the duty of notification on suspicion or knowledge about child abuse. All children shall be protected from physical violence from a parent or other adults. Early intervention can make a difference and prevent consequences as alcohol- or drug abuse and mental illness.

    Aim: The aim is to describe nurses' experiences of managing cases where children are suspected to have been subjected to physical abuse in the home.

    Method: A general literature study based on ten scientific articles. Seven were conducted through qualitative methods, two with quantitative methods and one with mixed methods.

    Result: The result presented that there was a lack of protocols and guidelines, insufficient training and different experiences of accountability as a nurse regarding suspected cases of physical child abuse. It presented a lack of communication between agencies, a difficulty in maintaining professionalism in the meeting with the family and a need for support for the nurse.

    Conclusion: The nurse is in need of proper education, proper support and improved communication skills. The cultural aspects of the area should be considered.

    Clinical significance: The result can for nurses in health care contribute to a greater knowledge and understanding of suspected physical child abuse in the home. Furthermore, the results can contribute to increased interest in development of the area.

  • Sjögren Forss, Katarina
    et al.
    Malmö Högskola.
    Stjernberg, Louise
    The Swedish Red Cross University College.
    Ekvall Hansson, Eva
    Lunds universitet.
    Osteoarthritis and fear of physical activity-The effect of patient education2017In: Cogent Medicine, ISSN 2331-205X, no 4, 1-5 p., 1328820Article in journal (Refereed)
    Abstract [en]

    Purpose: The aim of the current study was twofold. The first aim was to investigate, from the aspects of gender, age and Body Mass Index, the prevalence of fear among individuals with osteoarthritis that their joints would be harmed if they performed physical activity. The second aim was to determine if a patient education programme might lessen this fear.

    Method: A total of 100 participants were enrolled in a randomised controlled study and completed measures on two occasions over the course of six months. The participants were randomised to either an intervention group or to a control group.

    Results: More than a quarter of the participants feared that their joints would be harmed if they performed physical activity. This was reported by significantly more men than women. Age and Body Mass Index did not seem to have any significant impact on the fear. The patient education programme for osteoarthritis reduced fear significantly (p = 0.010).

    Conclusions: A patient education programme appear to be one way of reducing the fear among individuals with osteoarthritis, that the joints would be harmed by physical activity.

  • Andersson Sand, Karin
    et al.
    The Swedish Red Cross University College.
    Söderling Brandin, Sofia
    The Swedish Red Cross University College.
    "Jag ska bli sjuksyster jag": En litteraturstudie om olika motiv och personlighetsdrag bakom yrkesvalet2017Independent thesis Basic level (degree of Bachelor), 10 credits / 15 HE creditsStudent thesis
    Abstract [en]

    The aim of this study was to highlight the different personality traits and the motives of wanting to become a nurse with a focus on co-dependency. Due to that people with a problematic childhood tend to choose the nursing profession in which the need to care for others can be satisfied. The used method is a literature review consisting of 10 qualitative studies from the years 2008 to 2016. The results were identified by four themes: The desire to help others, the influence from others, various personality traits, practical reasons and previous experience. Conclusions; the study answered the aim of why one chooses to become a nurse and what can influence the choice. Whether the different personality traits influenced the choice was answered to some limitation. The authors believe that the study allows an insight into the factors that influence an individual's motives for choosing the profession, this may provide healthcare professionals and patients a better condition to meet in a good care relationship. The findings are weighted with the concepts caring and co-dependency, which has permeated the work. Suggestions for future research is to investigate further about the personality traits of those who choose to become a nurse and if the profession is suitable for all personalities.